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Terms and Conditions

Consumer privacy protection
  • We are committed to complying with the "personal Data Protection Act" and relevant privacy protection policies, and properly managing and protecting users' privacy rights to ensure that members' privacy rights are not violated.
  • The consumer membership information will only be provided for Mecko's online order, member information management and related marketing, so that consumers can have more friendly service quality and novel shopping experience.

Declaration of intellectual property rights
  • All content of this platform, including product photography, model pictures, art illustrations, platform architecture, program design, the arrangement of the platform screen, design patterns, trademark, logo or other information, etc., belong to the authorization of the company or related with the object of intellectual property in accordance with the law, and by the copyright law, trademark law, patent law, business secret law, and fair trade protection, without going through the company or the holder of the prior consent or authorization, shall not be arbitrarily use, so as to avoid or illegal infringement liability.

Consumer service disclaimer
  • We have the right to terminate the service in case of any of the following circumstances:
  1. We will not be responsible for the return or refund of products damaged by natural disasters or other force majeure factors.
  2. Users who maliciously violate the ordering process or procedures of this website, such as deliberate failure to take delivery of the order, failure to pay, etc., will be judged as personal malicious behavior.
  3. For our company's brand, employees, etc., there is malicious smear, harassment behavior, We will deal with it according to law.
  4. The act of stealing someone's credit card or financial card.
  5. Temporary interruption of the platform or other responsibilities not attributable to our company due to system problems of the telecom company or the website company.

Remind you to beware of fraud
We do not ask customers to provide their credit card information or change their remittance account, Please do not respond to suspicious calls.

#Thank you for your support to Mecko and we look forward to seeing you again.