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Member FAQ

How to become an offcial member?
1. Please select the icon of "Log in" in the upper right corner and select "Sign up", after filling in the information, you can become an official member of Mecko.
2. After becoming a member, you can inquire personal order and enjoy the preferential scheme of the store at any time. 

How to modify member information ?
After the login member, please click on the "Account" at top right corner, then you can modify the personal information.

What if I forget my password?
Please click the "Log in" page in the upper right corner and click the "Forgot your password" option, then the system will automatically send the information to your email box, you can reset the password to log in.

Payment options available to Taiwan customers
Taiwan customers can choose online credit card, ATM transfer, cash on delivery and 7-11 convenience store pickup.

Payment options available to foreign customers
Foreign customers suggest using Paypal system for payment.

How to query an order?
After the login member, you can check the order information inside the "Account".

Why was the order cancelled or the payment failed?
The system may judge that the payment was not successful due to incorrect input of your credit card number or network interruption, You can try to reschedule the payment, If it still fail, please contact our company specialist for find out detailed reasons.

Shipping information

Taiwan customers delivery
Express delivery, 7-11 convenience store pickup.

Domestic freight calculation method
Express delivery: NT 100
7-11 convenience store pickup: NT 60

Domestic delivery arrival time
Express delivery: Arrive the next day from the date of Posting.
7-11 convenience store pickup: 2 days to reach.

International express delivery
Sf express, post, or other express company.

International express delivery
We have already pre-set the shipping price for most countries in the system, when you place an order, the system will calculate the express fee according to your country and the quantity of products you choose. (We will change the express price from time to time according to the express fee provided by the express company.) The current effective method of calculation is within the 10 kg range, If you purchase more than 10 kg of products, we will take the initiative to contact you for an additional quotation of express fees, If your area does not appear in the system, please contact us to check the express fee for you.

Arrival time of international express
Due to the distance between each region and the country, we cannot provide the correct arrival time, previous experience is about 10-20 days.

Can I return or get a refund for overseas purchases?
Yes, but you need to pay for the express delivery fee, if you need to refund the price, we are sorry that we can only refund the price of the products only. (we can't refund the shipping price.)